Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I use Knight Funding if I am a member of a network?

Please check with your network or club before submitting any business to us.

2) If I am not regulated can I use Knight Funding?

If you are not regulated by a Network, or the FCA, you can earn excellent commission by introducing business. Our experienced team will deal with the client directly, advising them and dealing with compliance issues. For more details, please call us on 01980 861030.

3) If Knight Funding provides an AIP, who gives the advice?

The advice is given by the broker. Our New Business team do not advise the client or broker, they simply inform you of the options available, from our extensive panel of lenders, based on the information provided.

4) When do I get paid my proc fee?

Proc fees are paid weekly and you will receive any money due the same week we receive it from the lender. For details of when lenders pay after completion, please contact Knight Funding.

5) Do I have to register with Knight Funding to use your services?

No, as long as you are authorised by the FSA to conduct mortgage business, there is no need to register. On receipt of an application from you, we may call to check your details to ensure you are added to our database correctly and we will ask you to provide copies of the relevant licences and permissions.

6) What is a mortgage packager?

A mortgage packager undertakes the pre-offer administration on a mortgage application on behalf of the lender. We are able to give you information and confirm the applicants likely suitability for the lenders criteria. As a result of our extensive knowledge and experience we have an extremely high completion ratio.

Unfortunately, no staff member can give either you or your client any advice or recommendation in respect of any regulated (first charge) mortgage application and any information offered by our staff should not be regarded as such.